Choosing the right grill for outdoor recreation or hiking

What is a grill, barbecue, barbecue

Meat cooked over an open fire has a special taste, as it warms up much faster and loses significantly less juice, fat and vitamins. The most popular devices for cooking meat and vegetable dishes on an open fire are a grill, barbecue and barbecue. How do they differ?

Yes, almost nothing. Grill is a word of French origin, and this was the name of the frying cabinet for cooking large pieces of meat on skewers or on a grill. From the same gourmet language, the word "barbecue" (from the French – barbaric) came to us – a method of processing meat in the heat of smoldering coals. In our country, the most popular device for cooking shish kebabs for a long time remained a barbecue (with a Turk.— a brazier, a large basket with coal).

Today, a grill is any device for cooking dishes on coals, burning gas, an electric heater. A brazier is usually considered a rectangular metal device equipped with skewers for stringing meat. Barbecue most often refers to a method of cooking by baking away from the coals at relatively low (no more than 130 degrees) temperatures.

How to choose the right grill

The choice of grills is huge, the price range is capable of stumping. Therefore, when you decide to purchase a grill, first of all decide how you will use it. How much space are you willing to allocate for it, do you have a place to store it, will you transport it often, how often do you intend to cook on it. 

For frequent use, the most durable and durable models are suitable. For obvious reasons, they are the most expensive.
If you have a large family or you plan to gather a lot of friends for kebabs, it's worth looking at a grill with an extensive roasting surface. Such models have another plus: even if you cook a small amount of food, a large surface allows you to move pieces of meat to colder or hotter areas.
Portable models of the grill are suitable for those who do not plan to install it once and for all at their dacha, but are going to transport it often. A good option for those who have a small cottage or do not have it at all – you can always grab a grill by going out of town to friends - so you will immediately take the place of honor of the most long-awaited guest. 
We have already told you that there are coal and gas grills for use outside the home. The choice of fuel is also very important when buying. Gas (propane) deprives food of the wonderful, familiar to us from childhood, taste of smoking, but it is more convenient to use. Coal allows food to be smoked properly, but coals do not flare up so quickly, and it is more difficult to control them. If you have finally reached a dead end in this matter, pay attention to the combined grill models – they use both propane and coals.
Connoisseurs of aesthetics combined with functionality should pay attention to the grills of the American brand Weber. Its product range is represented by a wide variety of models, ranging from large stationary to portable grills. Weber grills use low-carbon toasted steel coated with a special heat-resistant enamel, which makes them very strong, durable and safe to use.

Grill Accessories

Choosing a grill in a store or on a website, you will certainly find there a lot of related products – tools and accessories for the grill.

Be sure to purchase a special grill cover. It helps to control the flame. In addition, by covering the container with a lid, you can cook even at not very high temperatures (barbecue).

To ignite coals, there are liquids, fire matches, as well as special cubes that are placed in the coals and set on fire. The latter, presented in stores mainly by the Weber brand, are very convenient to use.

Of course, you will always find a large selection of skewers – regular and U-shaped, which are used in barbecue, so that pieces of meat do not scroll when turning over. For the preparation of small pieces, special pallets are used, which are placed on the grill. To work with meat, it is worth buying special tools – tongs, shovels and forks with long handles.

The selection task is noticeably simplified by convenient tool kits, for example, Weber kits made of high-quality stainless steel. The set usually includes three items – tongs, a spatula and a two-pronged fork. At the same brand Weber you will find another indispensable accessory for the grill – a special brush for cleaning the grill.

How to handle the grill correctly

Safety is always the most important thing in everything. Outside the city, where there are usually wooden buildings and forest areas nearby, an open fire requires especially careful handling. Always remember that the grill should be placed at a distance of at least 5 meters from houses and trees. Preferably – downwind, so that sparks do not fly towards the house.

One of the most popular improvised means for cooking on grills is a liquid for ignition. Never soak coals with it – it is intended only for sprinkling. After you have sprinkled on coals or firewood, wait until the liquid is completely burned out.

If you are cooking on a new grill for the first time, do not forget to lubricate the grill and the frying pan with vegetable oil. After that, they need to be thoroughly calcined and allowed to cool down. This procedure needs to be done only once.

Place the charcoal only on the grill. Make sure that it does not touch the walls of the frying pan.

Watch the fire. Do not allow a high flame. There should always be water nearby to extinguish the raging fire.

While grilling, follow a few simple recommendations:

Preheat the grill.
Remove it, protecting your hands with gloves.
Lubricate the grate with oil or a special aerosol.
Put the pieces of meat at a distance of at least 2 cm from each other .
Cut off all visible fat from the meat before cooking. It is generally preferable not to add vegetable fat to the marinade, otherwise you will get an excess of it, which will drip onto the coals and, burning, add carcinogens to the food.
If small charring still could not be avoided, cut them off from the finished meat.
No matter how hard you spend your time, do not neglect cleaning the grill. The grill must be put in order after each use. Of course, after it has completely cooled down, and the coals have burned through. Remove the ash and apply a cleaning agent. Leave on for 10-20 minutes. Wipe with soft paper, such as a paper towel. Only then can the grill be washed with water. Let the grill dry, or wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

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