Australian philanthropist Andrew Forrest will fight environmental pollution in Russia
An initiative called "Sea the Future” he discussed it with officials and representatives of Russian business. "Sea the Future" aims to solve the problem of environmental pollution by reducing the use of plastic.

The objective of the project is to create a system of voluntary contributions that, as additional subsidies, will stimulate an increase in the cost of fossil polymers. According to the fund's forecasts, the widespread introduction of the donation system will allow accumulating at least 20 billion US dollars every year, which will be distributed for environmental restoration measures, the introduction of recycling technologies and the planned transition to the economy of secondary raw materials.

Every year, about 15 million tons of plastic waste gets into the World Ocean, which causes significant environmental and social damage. "Sea the Future" will give an opportunity to artificially increase the demand for recycled plastic and its production. At the moment, the total volume of plastic produced is 300 million tons, while only 9% is recycled and reused.

"The industrial sector, fully supported by governments and regulators, is the only industry capable of bringing about the very changes that are so necessary to save our environment from plastic waste," says Andrew Forrest. He is convinced that the meeting with representatives of the largest enterprises of the Russian oil sector will not only make a significant contribution directly to the fight against pollution itself, but will also demonstrate to the heads of other states the willingness to openly discuss environmental problems. According to him, such a threat requires a global solution that goes beyond state borders and the political situation, since the world community has less than five years left to prevent an environmental catastrophe. Only by uniting, the countries will be able to avoid it.

According to the representative of the Minderoo Foundation, in Russia the project “Sea the Future” Andrew Forrest has already found a positive response at the state level – the businessman held a meeting with the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation on environmental protection, ecology and transport Sergey Ivanov. "The Russian Government and the Kremlin will support this initiative. For many years I have argued that garbage waste should be transformed into consumer goods. This goal can be achieved by applying a circular economy strategy, which will provide unlimited opportunities for positive and sustainable development of the industry. In Russia, the biggest problem is the transportation of garbage. Turning plastic back into resin will reduce this burden and our need to move waste to landfills, turning it into a commodity. "Sea the Future will have a positive impact on the environment, business and living conditions of Russians," a representative of the foundation quotes Sergei Ivanov as saying.

It will not take much time and money to ensure the operability of the “Sea the Future" project. Subject to obtaining the appropriate permits, the Minderoo Foundation undertakes to allocate a total of up to 300 million US dollars for launch, audit and certification. All this will allow joint efforts to have a positive impact on the environment and reduce the scale of climate change in the shortest possible time.
Minderoo Foundation

Minderoo Foundation is a modern charitable organization that seeks unique solutions to global problems. Minderoo allocates more than $1.5 billion Australian dollars for the implementation of charitable initiatives, including the fight against modern slavery, research in the field of oncology, assistance to the indigenous population of Australia, as well as the fight against environmental pollution.

Andrew Forrest

Andrew Forrest is Australia's most active philanthropist and one of the most successful business leaders of his generation. He is the founder and president of Fortescue Metals Group, it was he who led the company to the status of one of the top 20 in the Australian economy, during which time it has invested more than $ 20 billion in the raw materials sector. In 2001, Mr. Forrest and his wife Nicola founded a charitable foundation called the Minderoo Foundation, which has supported more than 280 initiatives across Australia and around the world in a number of areas. In May 2017, the Forrest couple announced one of the largest private charitable donations in Australia in the amount of 400 million Australian dollars. They continue to make donations, and the total amount they sent to charity in May 2019 exceeded 1.5 billion. Australian dollars.
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